Thursday, October 12, 2017

October 13

Kindergartners and Preschoolers learned about fire safety this week!
Dear Fireside Families,
We look forward to seeing parents over the next couple of weeks at conferences on October 17th, 19th and the 25th. Please be sure to sign up.  As always we strive for 100% participation and value your partnership. 
Last week's Walk to School and 5th graders Guitar concert
For parents who were unable to attend this week's Talented and Gifted Coffee and would like to learn more about TAG programming in BVSD, please view the following slideshow:
Talented and Gifted 101 Fireside Elementary or contact Janine Fitzgerald, our Educational TAG Advisor for more information. 

New This Year:
District-wide, report cards will not be sent home via Friday Folders, instead, parents will access them electronically beginning on Monday, Nov. 13th. The only exception will be Kindergarten, which will be sent home hard copy in envelopes. 
Interested in learning more about out the progress of our bond project?
Visit here 

As always, thank you for all the ways you serve and support our school community and for participating in your child's learning experience.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Sept 15

Dear Fireside Families,
Does anyone else have an overflowing inbox that seems endless? Well, time to consider "stop cues" in our lives to create more space and quality time with others. This is something I shared with staff this week in an effort to support teacher's well-being (as well as my own). What stop cues do we set in our family life in order to ensure time with our children is free from tech distractions? I've definitely been guilty of this and my daughter, Aleah, is the first to remind me, "Mom, you're not being present!" If you'd like to learn more about "stop cues" consider watching Adam Alter's Ted Talk.
Adam Alter: Why our screens make us less happy | TED Talk |

School Safety:  A friendly reminder that safety is all of our responsibility. Please help by minding the speed limit on Dahlia Street, especially as it nears the ringing of the first bell. Unfortunately, we don't have enough volunteer crossing guards to supervise students crossing and some students assume that cars will stop without watching closely for cars. Please remind your children about safe crossing and be mindful of the school zones. We need crossing guards! If interested, please contact Lori Smith: . What a fun way to connect with kids and be part of our school community! 
Thanks for working together to ensure all students safely cross our streets.

Community Service at Fireside
Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Christ the Servant Church and our Fireside garden volunteers, grounds were cleared of pine needles, pea gravel was added to the picnic table area, and our outdoor classroom looks so inviting! We value your time, service and contributions to Fireside.

As always, thank you for your support and partnership in learning. Hope to see you all tonight at the Jogathon celebration!

Christa Keppler

Friday, September 8, 2017

September 8th

Dear Fireside Families,

Two amazing community events in a week- the Labor Day Parade as well as our Jogathon. Today was a day of fun, fitness, and everyone coming together to show their "Fireside P.R.I.D.E." Thanks to Ms. Johnson, Nicole Duster, Samantha Macmillan, and the Jogathan committee, for their long hours of planning and for making this event such a HUGE success.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 25, 2017

August 25

Dear Fireside Falcons,
I was in awe seeing our school community come together as one on the field for the eclipse. We are a Fireside family who care about one another and give the best we have to our kids! 

Reading to classrooms this week, I've been so impressed by our thoughtful discussions about finding common ground and celebrating our "unique" and wonderous selves. There's no doubt we are nurturing respectful, responsible, and open-minded young minds here at Fireside-thanks for your invaluable role with this as parents. 

A few safety reminders...please practice safety by using the crosswalks, parking in the parking lot instead of Dahlia St., and keeping the traffic flow continuous with a quick "Hug and Go" during drop off. Let's all work together to keep our children safe.

I look forward to seeing you all at Parent Information Night this Wednesday, August 30th!
Your partner in learning-
Christa Keppler, Principal

Friday, August 18, 2017

August 18

Dear Fireside Falcons,
     What a strong start to our 2017-2018 school year. We kicked off the first day of school with a P.R.I.D.E. assembly, welcoming new and returning students and introducing our new staff. Students were reminded what it means to be a Fireside Falcon and "Show your Fireside Pride." 
     We invite all of our families to join us in learning our Fireside songs in preparation for the upcoming Labor Day Parade on September 4th down the Main Street of Louisville.
Older Fireside Pride Song lyrics
Older Fireside Pride Audio
Newer Fireside P.R.I.D.E. Song Lyrics and Sheet Music
Newer Fireside P.R.I.D.E. Audio

     Hopefully you've heard from this week's communication that Fireside will be viewing the eclipse on Monday, August 21st. As a school, we've established steps to ensure student safety and these procedures will be reviewed and practiced with students prior to the viewing on Monday. As parents, we also encourage you to review these safety precautions here with your children prior to Monday's viewing. Parents are also invited to join us on the field at approximately 11:46 for the solar eclipse viewing.

     Thanks to Samantha MacMillan and her crew for coordinating our PTO sponsored ice cream social. A wonderful way to come together as a community at the start of our school year.

     Thanks to Becky Slusarchyk for capturing some wonderful Fireside moments at the start of our school year!

As always, thank you for your partnership in learning.

Friday, August 11, 2017

August 11

Dear Fireside Falcons,
It has been a fun and learning-filled past few days with staff preparing for the first day of school on Wednesday, August 16th. We sure have a talented crew and our new staff have stepped right up and become a part of our Fireside Family. Here are a few pics of us having fun together! 
We also put together a Wordl of qualities we value collectively to support our inclusive, and welcoming community at Fireside. 

We look forward to seeing our new Kindergarten families at our Kinder Orientation on Monday, August 14 from 5-6pm. Don't forget to join us for our ice cream social on Tuesday!

Yours in education,

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Welcome Back to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Dear Fireside Families,
     I hope you all had an eventful summer filled with adventure, rest, and most of all, quality time as a family. While my summer seemed short, we were fortunate to venture to Panama for two weeks and spent a week in Seattle visiting friends and family. 
My family and Sierra's Panamanian family
My sixteen year old daughter, Sierra, spent 6 weeks living with a host family in a remote region in the interior of Panama. Her cup was "full" so to speak, upon her return as she had stories to tell and a de-cluttered brain from six tech-free weeks. She's proven to my husband and I that she can manage independently when that day comes in the not so distant future and she's heading off to college. I'll be the one needing consoling.
  From our travels, I often pay attention to themes that surface and influence my work as an educator. One came from dear sweet, Maria, the host of a place we stayed at in Tavidal, Panama. "All we need is love" is what was written on the cup she kept close to her as she selflessly served all the guests at Villa Tavida. I was reminded that this is the core of who and what we are at Fireside. Truly, Fireside is love. Our ongoing mission is for this to be felt for every student, parent, or guest who walks through our front doors. With love, all is possible. It is the core building block of a family and is what nurtures a safe haven for kids to excel on their learning pathway.

  The other theme surfaced when visiting the Bill and Melinda Gates Visitor Center in Seattle, Washington (well worth the visit). It came from a quote by Bill Gates Sr., "Today, community isn't just your city, it is the world." Developing global partnerships among our students, as well as meaningful, personalized learning opportunities. is something we'll continue to explore in the year ahead. 
   Once more I'll kick off the year by reading to every classroom. This year's message comes from the book, We're All Wonders.  

New Fireside Staff:

We have hired dynamic, highly qualified new staff at Fireside- wow are they ever ready to greet students! Please join me in welcoming these exceptional individuals by reading their bios: New Fireside Staff 

Important Dates and Back to School Info:
  • School supply lists are posted on the website
  • Class lists will be made available for families on August 11th by accessing the portal account on Infinite Campus.
  • Aug. 15: All school PTO Ice Cream Social, 2:30-3:30pm (meet your teacher, other students and drop off school supplies).
  • Check homepage on school website for other important dates and information
Helpful reminders for Drop Off/Pick-up/Parking Lot:

  • The circle bus lane is for buses only. This is not a parking area or “drive through” area.
  • Please use the “Hug and Go” lane on Dahlia for drop off/pick up as well as the parking lot “Hug and Go” lane.  Cars should not be parked or left unattended on Dahlia Street.
  • If you choose to walk your child to their classroom, please park your car in the parking lot.
  • Use the two crosswalks in front of the school.  We want to set a good, safe example for our children.
Thanks for supporting Fireside in being a safe community for all. I look forward to welcoming our new and returning families. It is an honor to serve this special community.

Yours in education,
Christa Keppler